YHMC Inc 50th Anniversary

The birth of Young Heritage Motor Club Inc

Margaret Pestel kindly contributed the following in recognition of Tom. ” Early in 1972 Tom decided we needed a vintage car club in Young to cater for vehicles over 30 years old. He gathered a few interested friends together and eventually formed the Young Veteran, Vintage and Post Vintage Motor Club “. Tom was elected as the inaugural President. The Young Heritage Motor Club Inc (Y.H.M.C Inc) previously known as the Young Veteran Vintage and Post Vintage Motor Club (Y.V.V.P.V.M.C) was the brainchild of the late Tom Pestel and a small group of enthusiasts and their families. Commencing from tinkering in Tom’s shed culminating on the 29th of November 1972 with the inaugural meeting to form the Y.V.V.P.M.C which has developed over the years into the Club you see today”.

In 2002 the name was changed and incorporated to Y.H.M.C Inc. Tom was a perfectionist in restoring his old vehicles. A 1925 belt drive Douglas Motor Bike and his pride and joy a 1925 Moon Roadster and 1954 Hudson Super Wasp. You could claim, Tom was Young’s first man on the moon. Tom was the sort of person all clubs need several of. Tom was always ready to help others and he was a peacemaker who was able to find a solution each time a contentious issue arose. It took Tom and a couple of good friends 9 years to complete the restoration of the Moon. He had the pleasure of driving the Moon to the Jenolan Caves House on the Club’s tenth birthday weekend. Tom’s passing was in 1984 after a long battle with cancer. Tom was named as a prominent person of the 20th century in December 2001 in the who’s who in Young for his service to the community and his beloved Y.V.V.P.V.M.C.” The Club has evolved into a diverse group of people with a common interest in the historic vehicle movement boosting some 130 members and 164 registered heritage vehicles ranging from 1920 to 1991. Activities focus on fun and fellowship, with particular attention to involving friends and family groups. Social activities are regularly arranged with this in mind. There is also a bank of knowledge and skills within our membership, which is available to help and guide new members into this challenging but rewarding hobby.Tha

Young Heritage Motor Club Inc

Restoration and preservation of heritage vehicles in Young NSW Established 29th November 1972

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