You don’t have to own a heritage vehicle to become a member of the Young Heritage Motor Club Inc (Y.H.M.C.)  You just have to be interested in the heritage motoring movement. So, if you are saving or waiting for that special vehicle a club like this may be the place for you.

However, if you do own a heritage vehicle (30 years or older) then our club can offer you a historical plate registration (“H plates ” see Registration in the main menu) to make the driving of a heritage vehicle   more affordable. Membership applications are welcome from anyone with an interest in the preservation, appreciation and driving of heritage vehicles. By completing the appropriate Y.H.M.C. membership form duly endorsed by a financial member of the Y.H.M.C Inc and forwarded to the Secretary for processing. As well as completing the application for membership, the applicant must attend a General Meeting, held 2nd Wednesday of each month at the YHMC club rooms beneath the grandstand at the Young Showground commencing at 7:30pm where the formalities will be completed. Namely the membership status, payment of fees etc. Where there is a vehicle requiring registration, this procedure will be explained at the GM.

Prior to this of course those interested are more than welcome to attend a Club meeting and or event. This allows you to see if the club is suitable for what you want and vice versa. Fees are pro-rata calculated from the date of the monthly meeting the application is returned. Refer to schedule of fees form on the Membership page.  Annual membership is $50.00 with a Joining Fee $20.00 (once only charge to cover the cost of name badge). Membership year is October to September.


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