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Vice President’s Report June 2017

Following the last meeting I scored a few tasks. They included the changes to the Constitution, Minutes of the last meeting and the Event’s Committee (EC). Both reports and the Minutes are included in this magazine.
I found the changes required to the Constitution relatively simple to summarise but each item requires discussion and acceptance by members. The Fair Trading minute that initiated the changes, and website were not user friendly and the legalities are vague. Some legal beagle may be able to help me.
The EC took some sole searching, but with encouragement from Bokko, who was away enjoying himself, and very constructive comments (or was that criticism!) from Barry Rose the document is included in the mag.
I believe we have covered the main issues so that a current Calendar of Events (CoE) is available on the web page and as current as possible, is in the magazine. We have to consider modern technology along with the old.
Members please remember that the EC is a “work-in-progress” that needs your continuous support.
The bottom line is that the EC is endeavouring to produce and an update CoE so that members have the latest details of any event in which the YHMC is involved.
Richard Penalurick


Y.H.M.C Events Committee (EC)

At the 8th March 2017 general meeting passed a motion that an at least 6 member EC be established with the election of member at the 12th April 2017 meeting. The YHMC EC consists of:
John Bokkerink-leader
Col Harmer
David Laybutt
Barry Rose
Steve Forde
Ian Wells
Alan Barrett
Others as required to assist with various events or just volunteers.
The role of the YHMC Events Committee is to prepare and maintain the YHMC Calendar of Events (CoE) to ensure members are informed of all the events in which members are involved or wishing to attend, thus, providing legal justification for use of their CRS (H-plated) vehicles.
Barry Rose has volunteered to include a CoE on the Club web page which can be updated as required.
A list of events recently added to the CoE will be tabled at each general Club meeting with any discussion, if necessary, to follow.
Discussion-some thoughts
1. Various Club member have been disappointed at attendances at Club events, particularly the Wednesday and Sunday runs. Contributing to this situation is that information on these has been scant at best. Members have also been confused when the events were scheduled.
2. To better inform members, Barry Rose volunteered to add a CoE to the Club web site. He has produced a “work in progress” calendar which needs members’ input to keep it current.
3. Thus to help with this goal, an EC was elected.
4. As a bonus, it is also expected that, the EC will remove some of the work-load on the Secretary’ position and to some extent streamline the meetings.
5. Members were concerned that there would be extensive delays between raising events for inclusion in the calendar and them becoming sanctioned. The EC operating as above will stream-line the current situation with members being able to print an up-to date CoE at their convenience.
a. For those without internet access, the status quo will continue.
6. The web page is the up-to date reference. Some may not like this but this is the way of the world. Nevertheless, the magazine/meeting combo will provide updated information as happens now.
7. If a member is unsure of the criterion of what constitutes a valid/legal event they should contact a member of the EC for clarification.
8. To clarify how the system will operate several examples follow:
a. Consider a member, at time between general meetings wants an event included in the calendar.
i. The member contacts an EC representative via phone, e-mail, carrier pigeon etc. with the details.
c:\users\richard\documents\car club\events committee-01.docx page 2/2
ii. The EC will update the Calendar on the Club web page within a few days (at the most).
b. Or another example. A member arrives at a monthly meeting and requires an event to be included.
i. The member provides the information (preferably in writing) to the EC Leader/Rep and it will be announced along with all other events in the EC’s report to the meeting.
In conclusion, to assist the EC in its role, the following guidelines as provided:
9. All notifications of proposed events to be included in the Calendar of Events (CoE) are to be forwarded to the leader or a member of the EC as soon as practical by the Club member.
a. To avoid any misunderstanding the information concerning the event should be in writing and include a contact person.
10. The EC shall update the CoE as required.
11. The Leader/representative of the EC shall report at each Club meeting detailing events that have been added to the CoE since the last published Club magazine.
12. An EC representative will provide the Magazine Editor with a CoE in a timely fashion.
13. The EC to meet as required.

Constitution changes required by NSW Fair Trading Minute N5101906

Maximum number of consecutive terms of office of any office-bearers on the committee.
1. Discussion
a. Members should be aware that at every AGM all positions are declared vacant and a members must nominate for a position even if they have held that position previously. The membership thus has the opportunity to re-elect/reject the member in the ensuing vote.
b. Various arguments can be made as to whether there should be any restriction on how many continuous terms of office an individual has in a committee position. The YHMC is probably feeling the effect of endeavouring to fill the secretary’s position after one member has served 17 years in that position. This is not to belittle the excellent job he did! But members have the perception that this committee position is beyond the commitment they wish to make.
i. Maybe this situation would not have eventuated if limited tenure had been enforced?
c. Some members have suggested that the president should be the only position with any restriction and that be for 3 terms/years.
i. Reasoning that regular changes in the president would keep the Club moving forward without additional complications.
ii. During the last decade, at least, the Club has not had a long term president.
d. The Club has difficulty generating nominations and would fixed terms exacerbate the situation?
2. Options
a. There is no restriction placed on the number of consecutive terms of office for any position,
b. The president’s position has a maximum tenure of 3 years or
c. All positions have a maximum tenure of 3 years.
3. The required position would be inserted into the current Constitution (V5.00) as para 14.
Ballots can be postal or electronic.
1. Discussion
a. The track record so far in regard to filling committee positions has been various.
b. It is only during the last 10 years that nomination forms have been introduced. This was an advancement.
i. A nomination form is a legal requirement and is to be lodged 2 weeks before the AGM but at the last AGM only 2 forms were completed! Unless there is a closing date for nomination, say 2 months before the AGM voting by postal/electronic means will not be realistic even if a member volunteered to orchestrate this.
c. It must be noted that Fair Trading will not allow a combination of various forms of voting to pass an ordinary resolution or special resolution under the Act.
d. This whole concept appears to be a legal mine field.
e. As an aside, the introduction of Proxy Voting is an option the Club could take. This would entail the member completing a standardised Proxy Form that could be sent to the AGM chair or delivered by an attending member.
2. To cover the current requirement it is suggested that:
The Club will provide postal/electronic voting when appropriate. This would become para 15.
2 | P a g e
The winding-up of the association.
1. Discussion
a. The Club has minimal assets.
2. The requirements of Fair Trading can easily be covered in existing para 20d by deleting “surplus” and inserting “Club”.
The above changes to the Constitution would become Special Resolutions and can be passed by a General Meeting, but with at least a two thirds (2/3) majority vote of financial members present. This is per para 10h of our current registered constitution.