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Events – Y.H.M.C


We are a social club for individuals and families who share an interest in Heritage Vehicle movement. Regular outings of club  and like club events during the year are advertised in our monthly club newsletter “ The Self Starter” we encourage families to join in. Visitors are welcome. Club runs are held each month, usually the Sunday after the general meeting.

A library containing many technical books pertaining to the maintenance and restoration of various Heritage vehicles is available to members on loan for a  periods for reference purposes. 

Monthly club newsletter, to keep all members informed of major events and happenings affecting our club, and the vintage car movement.

Most importantly of all, a place where the whole family can be together and enjoy their vehicle, and be with other enthusiasts.

If you have or know of an event that you consider would be of interest to the Club and its members please don’t hesitate to contact a member  of your  Club’s Event Team. They are:

          John Bokkerink     mob # 0412270083
          David Laybutt       mob # 0408699123 
          Col Harmer           mob# 0419822975             
          Steve Forde           mob#  
    Barry Rose            mob# 0409490223
         Alan Barrett          mob# 0407766624

Or contact your club  via email Open email ….. with as much detail as possible of the event. Remember no need to wait for the monthly meeting to have your event listed. Coming events throughout the year will be posted on a regular basis on the YHMC web site and ” Self Starter” magazine. A member of the events team will report on the status of events at all general monthly meetings and will be available to arrange for your event to be included .  

Y.H.M.C Events Calendar – 2017

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Year – 2017